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Your Reliable Hand for Everyday Office Management

Our services not only offer flexibility in scheduling and duration but also provide a comprehensive range of support tasks tailored to fill the resource gaps in SMEs.

From putting forth lunch, buying groceries to watering plants, we ensure your office runs smoothly without the need for additional internal resources.

Typical Office Hero tasks

Lunch preparation & take down

Grocery shopping

Preparing conference rooms

Restocking snacks & groceries

Watering plants

Servicing the coffee machine

Worth knowing

What is an Office Hero?

When designing our service, we sought a name for our staff that encapsulates someone who runs and maintains your office while you focus on your core tasks. We envisioned someone who 'saves the day', hence the term 'hero' was integrated, leading to the title 'Office Hero'. An Office Hero, akin to a piccolo or piccoline, handles minor yet crucial daily tasks in your office. You can read more about these tasks below.

What kind of services can I book with your Office Heroes?

You can book 3 variations of our Office Heroes; a fixed, ad-hoc, or event-based Office Hero depending on your specific needs. Our sales team can guide you to the best solution for your situation.

What kind of tasks can the Office Hero take care of?

The Office Hero can handle almost everything your office needs on a practical level for daily operations and maintenance. This includes setting up and clearing lunch, cleaning the coffee machine, preparing meeting rooms, purchasing snacks, and more.

What is the price range for a fixed Office Hero?

For a fixed Office Hero, the hourly rate varies from 250 DKK/hour to 299 DKK/hour, depending on the desired timeframe.

What is the price range for an ad-hoc Office Hero?

Depending on the notice given and the desired timeframe, the price for an ad-hoc Office Hero ranges from 299 DKK/hour to 349 DKK/hour.

What is the difference between a fixed Office Hero and an ad-hoc?

A fixed Office Hero ensures a consistent individual will take care of your office on a daily basis, with coverage during sickness and vacation with minimal effort from your side. An ad-hoc booking provides flexibility for covering your internal staff during sickness or vacation with the Office Hero team.

What is the price for an Event Hero and what can they do?

The hourly rate for an Event Hero is 350 DKK/hour. They can manage all practical aspects and execution of your next office event, including setting up decorations, arranging food buffets, refilling snacks and drinks, and maintaining the event space during the event.

Where in Denmark do your office assistants operate?

Our office assistants primarily operate in Copenhagen and occasionally in Greater Copenhagen.

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