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Cost-Effective handymen available for work

Hanging up a picture, assembling furniture or painting a wall: handyman services are essential but shouldn't break the bank. We offer affordable rates by providing talented handymen for your needs, avoiding the higher costs associated with specialized craftsmen or carpenters.

What you see, is what you get

Time Management

The effort involved in follow-ups, communication, internal quality checks, and generally handling non-core tasks detracts from focusing on core business activities.

Streamlined Communication & Operations:
duuo offers easy booking, clear and always available communication, and a quick startup process, freeing up your time to concentrate on what truly matters.

Challenge Finding a Reliable Handyman

It's challenging to find skilled professionals who are also effective communicators and understand workplace cultures.

Carefully Selected Professionals.
We ensure you're connected with not only skilled but also well-mannered handymen, guaranteeing clear communication and respect for your work culture.

Lack of tools

You’ve watched a DIY movie and want to fix that thing in your office yourself, but you’re missing that specific tool. Acquiring or renting the right tools can be costly and challenging, particularly when determining the specific tools or materials needed for various tasks.

Fully Equipped for Every Task.
duuo arrives prepared with all necessary tools and materials for your specific project. If we don’t have it, we buy it, eliminating the hassle and expense of equipment management.

Post-service Mess

Experienced a post-service mess after a service? Many handymen leave a mess behind, adding to your workload. It’s inconvenient having to clean up after the service.

Clean-up Guarantee.
Our commitment extends beyond handyman work; we ensure a clean workspace after every project. We call it The duuo Clean-Up Guarantee.

duuo has great energy and their solutions have made good sense for us at GRØD.

Lasse Skjønning-Andersen
Founder & CEO

Worth knowing

Where in Denmark do you provide handymen services?

We only do handy work in Greater Copenhagen.

Do you have carpenters, electricians, or plumbers?

We only have carpenters, but we do accept these types of job, as we outsource and use a fixed team of subcontractors for water and electricity. In these cases we make sure to project manage it tightly.

What’s the difference between duuo handymen services and carpentry services?


Fastening/ oiling: door/ windows (handle, locks, and hinges), toilet seats, dispensers, chairs, tables.
Painting jobs
Installations: white boards, pictures, curtains, shelves, acoustic panels, mirrors.
Fixtures replacements.
Internal moving
Trash disposal (recycling station)

Internal wall construction (gips wall).
Customized furniture.
Installations: acoustic panels kitchen, floors, doors, terrace

So, I’m interested in handymen services – what do I do from here?

Depending on the size of the project. Preferably, fill out the form on the website and go through the steps or send an email with the information needed including images if possible.Make sure to define your needs thoroughly with us. We will send you a date with an ETA and other needed information.

How are your handymen services priced?

DKK 395,- per hour excluding parking costs and materials.

Do you bring your own tools and materials?

We always bring our own tools and often we buy materials for the specific project. If you have your own materials, state it in the information.

How quick can you help me?

When hanging up or monitoring things, we usually deliver within 1-2. We never promise since it depends on a lot of variables. (Carpentry 2-4 weeks)

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