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Empowering your workspace

Time management is crucial. The hassle of maintaining communication, follow-ups, conducting internal quality checks, and overall dedicating time to non-essential tasks detracts from your primary objectives.

Entrust your cleaning to our professional team, thus actively enhancing focus on core activities, and freeing up your staff to concentrate on what truly matters.

Juggling multiple invoices and service providers complicates budgeting and reduces financial clarity. We streamline your expenses with a single invoice, reducing the number of suppliers and simplifying your financial management.

The presence of germs and bacteria in the workplace leads to employee sickness. Our thorough cleaning protocols significantly reduce sick days and boost overall productivity by maintaining a germ-free office.

A poorly maintained workspace can negatively impact your company's image, affecting perceptions among clients and external stakeholders. We ensure your office always makes a positive impression, enhancing your company’s reputation.

Precision Shine

Companies face growing pressure to adhere to ever-changing ESG regulations and standards. At duuo we prioritize the use of eco cleaning products and low-emission transportation options. Our selection of suppliers aligns with duuo’s commitment to upholding stringent ESG policies, supporting your environmental ambItions.

Worth knowing

What type of cleaning does duuo offer?

Duuo offers cleaning services for businesses in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas, including office cleaning and retail cleaning, such as for store chains.

What are the costs of your cleaning services?

As a starting point, estimating the cost of cleaning requires an inspection at the given location - what we call a cleaning meeting. Our prices are based on the amount of time and include cleaning products, washing, wages, pensions, etc.

What does a cleaning meeting/inspection entail?

It involves us visiting your location where the cleaning is to be performed. During the inspection, we assess the location and briefly discuss your needs with you. We then create a cleaning program and offer tailored to you and your specific requirements.

How long does a cleaning meeting take?

A cleaning meeting typically takes between half an hour to an hour. It depends on the size of the location and the subsequent needs assessment. We always strive to use as little of your time as possible.

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